Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I wanna make you Change Dear

"I need aT-Shirt Now. How can I buy?"
"This one for you"
"Woow. Thanks, Dear"
"I think you need a new Shoes too"
"Yes. You're always right Honey."
"I have some money problem. I can't buy. So Sorry."
"It,s ok. I know You”
“Thank You”
“Do you need this?”
“OMG! This is my Favorite. Where did you get it?”
“New Pet Shop. Beside my House”
“How Nice. Thanks a lot”
“Will You Visit there tomorrow?”
“That’s my Uncles Pet Shop”
“But Tomorrow I have an work. Shall we today?”
“ok let's go”

Hello Everyone, I am Kazi Shamim Shaharear Islam. This is a simple conversion between two friends. We also Know That Love Is happiness. They are sharing their loves. We have to change ourself for love. Like this conversion, we have to communicate with our best friends. We can do it.
If You have a good friend like this, you can be successful soon. But the problem is we miss many things in our life. We make bad behavior with others. We just love yourself. So let's make a change.
First, take a deep breath. NowThinkk about your number one enemy. Now COntrol yourself and Think about his positive site. I am sure that every people have some positive site. Take some time and remember his good sites. You'll say "no I cant" or "He has no positive site". But wait, First think about it. You'll get his positive site. This is the first step done for you.
Now Do good work every day. Like helping poor, make some good works etc. Then you'll feel good.
When you have it, You'll feel some good and your character can be changed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

আত্মহত্যা করার সেরা উপায় বের করলাম অনেক রিসার্চ করে

অনেক গবেষণা করে খুজে পেলাম আসল অস্ত্র। তার আগে আমাদের সাধারন উপায়গুলি একবার দেখি।

গলায় দরি, বিষ খাওয়া, ঘুমের বড়ি এসবের দ্বারা হয়ত সাক্সেস হওয়া যায় কিন্তু আপনি হয়ত বেঁচে ফিরে আসবেন অথবা আপনি সাহস পাবেন না। আর পারলে ভালো। এখন আমার এসব থেকে আরও দারুন বুদ্ধি

Monday, October 1, 2018

বেঁচে থাকার ইচ্ছেটি আর করে না

মানুষ কত সুন্দর করে ভালো থাকে তাই না? ভাবতে অবাক লাগে। আমরা সবাই অনেক ভালো অভিনেতা। অনেক ভালো থাকার অভিনয় করে যাই। জীবনটা এত সোজা নয়। আর আমার পিছনেও অন্য সবার মত অনেক মানুষ লেগে আছে। ভাগ্যিস আমি ছেলে মেয়ে নই। মেয়ে হলে হয়ত আরও কঠিন হত জীবনটা। কেন এত জটিল জানি না। ভাবিও না। সবাই শুধু চায়। আর এই চাওয়াটা চাওয়া পর্যন্তই। আর পাওয়া হয় না। পাওয়ারটা ভাগ্যে লেখা নেই। ভাগ্য লেখকের কাছে সব সময় বি যেন একটু ভাগ্যকে বদল করে। অপ্রাপ্তি গুলি দিতে। হয়ত আমার এই ছোট মুখে বড় আওয়াজ তার গলা পর্যন্ত যায় না। তার কানে হয়ত পৌছায় না। অথবা আমি হয়ত সময় ডাকাডাকি করছি। জানি সবাই আমাকে ভালো বললেও আমি মোটেও ভালো না। কারন আমাকে সে পছন্দ করে না। করলে হয়ত আমার ইচ্ছা গুলি পুরন হত। কি জানি অত ভাবতে পারি না। মাথা ব্যথা করে। ভালো কিছু ভালো লাগে না।
আমি ২টি জিনিস লক্ষ্য করেছি। একটি হল

Feel The Pain around of your People

Can you feel the pain of your neighbor? Have you heard any noise from your neighbor house?
We have to stay beside people. You'll lose nothing if you help a person. Don't feel angry or bore while they have a problem. If they ask you for help, go and help them. In the future, they will help you.
I feel happy while someone asks me for help. But the sadness is nobody wanna help me when I need. This is the culture of my city. But you will be happy to know that I am very clever. I love to mark that types of people and I don't like to help them the 3rd time.
3rd time? 
yes, 3rd time. Because I love to help them 2nd time for last time.
Giving chance to people is not only showing your honesty but also they will try to make you feel bad. They will come to you again and again and hurt you. They feel you are a fool.
That's good. I am a fool. But the truth is they need my help. SO they are a big fool.
I don't know why people reject to

Respect Farmers. They supply you Foods

A farmer is a great person. because of the farmers, we can alive. because he makes foods for us. without food we can't be alive. so we have to respect the farmers. every day he worked hard on his land. he is a very good person. we are the very bad guy. because we can't work hard like him. we just eat foods. we are enjoying a huge salary. but we don't like to give him much salary. he need love. we should love farmers. if every people can help farmers, the farmers will be happier and grow more foods for us. but maximum times we use bad behavior with them. this is very bad. The peoples are so idiot. they need to make smile farmers. if we could grow foods by Ourself and eat then we could understand the value of a farmer.
I have seen many farmers in my life. I have seen their sadness. do you know when natural disasters come? how they survive?
This is the big part. They work more harder to save foods. Without food, we can't live. can you stay without food? -no.
so you have to love them who helps you with foods.
Thanks for reading my Article

My Broken Nail Story in My Life

I am suffering from a foot pain. my nail is broken. waiting for a new nail. last month I got injured from my football playground. now I am taking rest. hoping I'll get well soon. The big pain is I miss the main team. I miss the game. I am just passing my days and waiting for a new nail. then I'll start again with my football. I am increasing my powers every day. my coach suggested me for a good boot. I'm looking for a boot also. that new boot may be safe and injury free. but I think I am always unlucky. Today I've bought some tools. I'll use it and ill go out in the evening for a walk. so I'll feel safe.
I am watching new boot hacks on youtube, reading books and getting tips from others. I got too many helpful suggestions. I like to use them on my next football match.
the condition of my nail is better than last month. I've removed the broken part. the happiness is I see the new nail on my foot. Feeling happy and hoping I'll get well soon and the new nail will be nicer than past nail. 
when you are suffering you can't sleep work or can't do anything. me too. same things happening to me also. I am afraid of getting hurt. damage nail will be more painful if I got hurt. so I am so afraid until getting well. I have to go to my university, I have to work daily. The daily life routine is harder for me. I have to make my nail safe while working. I need a healthy nail. Hoping I'll get my nail back.
Thanks for reading my Article.

Are you Smartphone User? Read This "Smart Phone in My Life"

"Hello, How are you?"
Texting on my phone. Start a day with the smartphone. Till sleep. Even if We can also use our smartphone while sleep. That's my daily Life. Once upon a time 5 or 10 years ago, we just enjoyed our environment. but now we are so much addiction smartphone. that a disgusting life for me. I love to play soccer daily. Sometimes I start playing in the morning to till evening. SO that time I've no smartphone or laptop or any devices. That's very much joyful for me.

Good Morning GUys. Can you Do Like Me?

Starting another day. I've weak up at 9 am and starting today. I need to solve huge works today. because tomorrow I have a class. Morning Plan Is best for us. We have to prepare for the day in the morning. We have to set our goal for the day. that will make us successful. it's 1st October 2018 and winter is coming is my Bangladesh. So the weather is very nice for me.
The first task in the morning is work at home and work with me. Then I love to say, everyone, good morning. Now I am in Ashulia beside a river and enjoying a great morning. This village is very nice. I love to travel in the morning beside the river. The air is fresh and healthy. The sound of birds is very nice. The trees are very nice. The foods are very healthy. So I have an opportunity to enjoy a great morning.
My mom weak up very early in the morning and cooked for me. I've enjoyed the foods. Every week I love to run in the morning and make myself fit. Fitness is important for our life. The money will not give you happiness, Health is wealth. In the morning I also love to read the newspaper. I love to make a routine for today in the morning. Then I start the day. Hoping a great morning you too. 
Thanks for reading my Article.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

MY General Problems

I am a painful person. I have a lot of problems. have you ever check your daily problems?
Let's make a problem now. Reading problem. YOu're Reading my Article and that's can make your problem. -no? Think you have a problem with your eye. so you have a reading problem.
I am feeling bad now and pain. But they told me that "no pain no gain." I know pain is a big problem. But we have to transfer pain into power. Else "You have pain but you can't gain".
I am suffering from my hand problem. I can't type words now. Pain in my fingers. But what to do? I am so poor. I have to write some article and request Google for adsence money. trust me. I have no monetization on this post. Google will give me adsence if I can write well and If I have a lot of article on my site. they always check about my site popularity and good content.
I have some foot problem too. Recently I've lost a nail from a football match. Suffering so much pain.
I am feeling sleepy now. Because I am tired. That;'s another problem. I will not continue my work tonight. I have to sleep soon.
I have some headache problem too. I can't work when I suffer from this problems.
Today my shoes are the big problem for me. It's broken. so I can't go out without my shoes. I have to fix it. I have to go near the cobbler. But there is another problem. today is September 30 and it's the last day of the month. so I have no money to fix it. Either I have to wait for my father's salary or I have to fix it by myself. There is another problem. I can't stop my work. For doing work I've to go out. SO shoes are very important.
Oh no. I have no problem. I'll use my friends shoes.

First Time Coffee made by me. A lot of Fun

Last month I've bought a packet of coffee. today I've enjoyed that coffee. mother don't know how to make coffee. I knew that. I've prepared that coffee and drank it.
Coffee is very helpful for me. I think this sentence. before hard work, I love to take a cup of coffee. that will help me to work hard. the taste of coffee is very nice.
Let's make a cup of Mac Cofee.

Firstly you have to collect some items.
1. coffee
2. sugar
3. hot water
4. Cup
5. Spoon

Now Take hot water into the coffee cup.
Give Cofee with your spoon.
Give some sugar with your spoon.
Now You're ready to eat a cup of coffee.

It's very easy, right? - wrong. You have to control the sugar and coffee. I have absolutely no idea about this. so I've taste without sugar first. then I've searched for sugar. I've also used huge sugar. so the taste was more painful.

It was the First time for me. so I did a mistake. So whatever first time was very joyful.

Wasting Time, Life and losing Life

Free time means wasting times.
My unlucky life has too much free time. I am decisions less. I don't know how to use them. I am still the lazy person. I have no girlfriend, not like to join with friends. Only I have the money problem. From a middle-class family every day I am working hard and getting zero results. so I am feeling sad always. Thinking every day and looking for a good life. No one will support you when you're from a middle-class family or poor family. so you are alone. really alone. Our life has no love, no life. I have a sadness. that is I am not a girl. If I were a girl I will try to get a rich husband. But the truth is Rich people will not find someone like me. Today all day I've wasted so many times in vain. I always search for jobs on the internet and always search the answers. There is nothing in the world. The world is very hard for the people like us. My parents are so much sick and my Family is suffering. I will not take the risk now. so I am looking for a safe and longtime process. But I am so much afraid about my future. Maximum time I waste time to think about the present, past and future.
The teacher will not give you mark until you read. They will not tell you the process of earning. Because they are still earning from your tuition fee. I got so many evil peoples. They always win. In our county, I saw how people can seduce our girls and make them. I will never ever support them. We have to value our life. we have to care for each others. we have to make the best things. but the problem is we are from middle class.
When you got a problem you'll get many offer from people. they will solve your problem. believe that they are fake and make your life mistake. I don't know how to get success! The motivational speaker will say you tips, but the real life is very very hard. 

আমাদের লাইফে কিছু ঘটনা চলুন একটু বদলে দেওয়ার চেষ্টা করিঃ

আমাদের সমাজে অনেক রকম মানুষ আছে। সব ধান্দাবাজ। যেমন আপনি রাস্তার কোথাও দাড়িয়ে আছেন, তখন কেউ এসে আপনাকে কোন প্রোডাক্ট অফার করল। তেল মারতেই লাগল। আর মানুষ পটানোর নানা কৌশল ইউজ করল। শেষ পর্যন্ত আপনি সেটি নিলেন। এটাই আমাদের দোষ। কষ্ট করে বাজারে গেলেই পারতেন। ঐ প্রোডাক্ট হয়ত অত ভালো নয়। বাজার থেকে ভালো জিনিস যাচাই করে নিতে সমস্যা কি ছিল? এখন দেখুন আপনার সমাজ আপনাকে নিয়ে নানা কথা বলবে। পাশের বাসার লোকটি বলবে যে আপনি ঠকেছেন।
আমাদের লাইফটিও এরকম। যে জিনিস আপনা আপনি আপনার কাছে আসবে সেই জিনিস একটু সময় নিয়ে যাচাই করে দেখবেন। একদিন দুই দিন ভাববেন না। ১ বছর ২ বছর বা তার থেকেও বেশি সময়ের কথা ভাবতে হবে। আর অন্যের কথায় কান দেবেন না। নিজে যাচাই করে নেবেন সব কিছু।
আর একটি কথা হয়ত লাইফে একবার হেরেছেন। তাই বলে কি জিতবেন না আর? ফিরে এসে আবার ওখান থেকে লাইফ শুরু করে দেখুন। আর আগের ভুল গুলি একটু কম করুন। দেখবেন এবার একটু বেশি দূরে এগিয়ে গেছেন। সময় হয়ত চলে যায় কিন্তু বর্তমানে যেটা আছে সেটা না ধরলে আরও কঠিন হবে আপনার লাইফ।
অন্যের উপর নির্ভরতা Delete কর
নিজের সব নিজে কর
আর এতক্ষণ যে কথা গুলি বললাম এটি আপনার আপনজনও বলবে। ব্যাস এতটুকুই। তারপর আমি বা তারা কেউ আপনাকে হেল্প করবে না। জাস্ট আলগা পিরিতি।
মনে করি আপনার মা এবং আপনার শাশুড়ি এক সাথে অসুস্থ। এবার বলুন কে বাচবে?
আপনার স্বামী নিশ্চয়ই আগে আপনার শাশুড়ির কাছে যাবে।
এখানেই সমস্যা। আজ আপনি নিজে কিছু টাকা আয় করলে আপনার মাকে বাঁচাতে পারতেন।
Think it, চিন্তা করুন। অথবা আবার প্রথম থেকে পড়ুন।
Be The Chmapion.

Happy Life of Mine. Be the Happier

Every day I used to weak up at 10 am and sleep at the late night. so I am a happy person. Life is so much joy. I don't think about my life. I like to enjoy. This is our general habit. I am soo poor now. because my activities were wrong. Now I understand the real thing. I have to weak up very early and I have to sleep fast. Hard work is musk important. without pain, I will not run. There are many roses but I can't touch. I have to know how to touch.  Else I'll get hurt.
My life is good. I am doing well. but I have so much tension about jobs. Jobs are important in our life. without money, you can't marry. so You will be a loser. that's it. 
I love to help people and respect others. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I fell happy. Happiness is not a success. an unsuccessful person can be happy too. It's a feeling of mind.
My favorite work is playing soccer and chatting with my dear friends. that's makes me happier. The everyday routine I love to do it. but sometimes I saw some poor peoples. then I try to help them. their smile makes me feel like haven and I have never ever felt like that. that's happiness. I love to walk alone. that's another good point of happiness. if you walk alone, you'll follow your own rules. I've lost many things in my life. but still saying "thanks" to God and happy for it. Hope one day God will give me everything back.
The first point is we have to think positively. 
then we have to feel our life.
that will make us happy.
Are you happy today? will you enjoy your life with happiness? why not? There will be one positive site too. Find it and be happy. Remember, there are many people who still unhappy and so much sad than you. You have your family, you have your house, you have money. If you go worldwide, you'll get many people who have nothing like you. but still, they are happy.
Thank you for Reading.

Let's have a Programming Party

Welcome once more time. Here I'll tell you about a programming party. You need to learn computer programming carefully and properly.
When I've asked about programming to my friends, the fell screw. "oh, no. I am very weak" another says, " Best of luck. See you after the party" that's the main problem. we can't. but we have to say that " I can." Life needs hard work. Hard work makes a success. People have huge problems. You have to solve it. Then you'll face another problem.
who says there is no job. If you have done a job, this job will create more job. that's the truth. I am here for you. ask me to comment me about your life problem and discuss with me.
You can learn C, C++, Java or anything. Solve programming problems online and do some projects. Programming is now writing code. It is thinking. You have to think about it. If you can think fast, You can solve it fast.
Oh no. I've forgotten about the party. Call your friends and make a small party. show projects to each other. show problems and solutions to each other. that's could be helpful. Start from today. not from tomorrow.
thanks for reading this article.

This is my First Post. Hello Guys

Hi, I'm KAZI SHAMIM SHAHAREAR ISLAM and welcome to my blog. Introducing myself first. 
I am From Bangladesh and I am doing my B.Sc. now. Still 21 years old. but I am unemployed. This stage my life is so hard. I wanna hard work. I love to do sports and watch sports. I never mind but sometimes I fell cry. By the way, I'll post some good article here. I'll post here some educational, social, news and a lot more. That article will be helpful for you, friends and all readers. Please stay with me and support me. Thanks a lot. share my blog with others and enjoy.